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Velvet Papaya by : Lolo Silvera and Patrice Destin

Photos by Rachel Moscoso Denis
Carl Fombrun wrote: I was a guest last Wednesday night 22 February 2006 at the cabaret club “Velvet Papaya” under the management of Lolo Silvera and her able associate Patrice Destin. Velvet Papaya is sponsored by the Johnnie Walker company at the Victor which is situated in the heart of South Beach on Ocean Boulevard, in Miami Beach. A taste of Class, Culture and Sensuality. Once a month Wednesday evening is Haitian night.

The featured artist this past Wednesday was Erol Josue who had a crowd of three hundred some guests swinging until the early morning. My thanks to Erol, who lives in Paris, for his latest CD titled “RÈGLEMAN.” Wyclef Jean’s company filmed the whole event with a striking hostess by the name of Lutza.

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    3 years 9 months ago
    Carl Fombrun and Loraine Silvera
    omg you are fine
    • Me (Private)
      3 years 9 months ago
      Which one ?