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Pigeons & Peacocks by Frankie Morone.

Narration by Frankie Morone.
Some pictures by Eddi and Cristina Gouraige.

Pigeons have been around for a very long time. They originated several million years ago in Asia.

Pigeons are found in almost all metropolitan areas. Pigeons have long been kept and raised in captivity. The common pigeon was imported to America by early settlers as food for animals and also to serve as carriers of messages.

At some points, pigeons were used for sending messages not only in ancient times, but as recently as early the 1900's and during World War I. A particular breed of pigeons called "homing pigeons" are specially suited for this task, because they possess the uncanny ability of flying back to their own home over long distance at high speed.

According to some studies, a homing pigeon is capable of returning to its home after flying over 1600 miles at peak speed of 60 miles per hour.

Exactly how such birds navigate is still not clear. Scientists hypothesize that the pigeon uses a variety sources like the direction of the sun, the earth’s magnetism, and odors associated with different places for finding its direction. Before the invention of telegraph, telephone and radio, using pigeons for sending messages was quite popular among the military. Such messaging system was known as "pigeon post".

I have always been fascinated by pigeons, particularly in the neighborhood where I grew up in Haiti. Every time I would go to my brother in law, I would spend hours contemplating them. His home was invaded by those creatures.

I am inviting you to browse to this album and enjoy those pictures. I have obtained some of them from various sites on the internet; some were sent to me by my good friend Edmond Gouraige and his wife Cristina. They both reside in Switzerland.

Thanks again for those pictures and my utmost regards to Cristina.

  • Serenite (Private)
    9 years 4 months ago
    2 pigeons.
    "Deux pigeons s'aimaient d'amour tendre"......mere nature et l'expression instinctive de l'amour.... Simplement Exquis !!!
    • (Anonymously) (Private)
      9 years 4 months ago
      Deux Pigeons s'aimaient d'amour tendre.
      L'un d'eux s'ennuyant au logis
      Fut assez fou pour entreprendre
      Un voyage en lointain pays.
      L'autre lui dit : Qu'allez-vous faire ?
      Voulez-vous quitter votre frère ?
      L'absence est le plus grand des maux ...

      Oui je me rappelle de ces vers de La fontaine...

      Merci Serenite pour ton commentaire.