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Public Miscellaneous 2

Spring Graduation at FIU
March in Haiti against Kidnapping
Jun 4, 2008
Brush fire by highway I-75 /Fort Lauderdale Florida
Mar 29, 2006

Dry conditions and trees felled by the hurricanes have created ripe conditions for brushfires, like ...more

the 400-acre blaze that roared Wednesday near Interstate 75 and Florida's Turnpike in northwestern Miami-Dade County. Early that Wednesday, plumes of smoke could be seen from a distance. Just before I-75 was closed to the public, Pikliz was already on site. Some pictures are shared with you! We are now on Friday, the fire is 75% controlled.

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Montreal Garden
Jul 6, 2010

Montreal Gardens
What amazing creativity.

Can you imagine the maintenance?

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Le monument de Vertieres a été vandalisé

Le monument de Vertières semblerait il a été vandalisé

Quel Outrage !

Volè domaje monuman « Vertières » yo.


Volè sye epe ki nan monuman « Vertières ».

Gade foto yo. Sa grav anpil. ( Éric Auguste )

« Les épées des HÉROS DE VERTIÈRES ont été sciées !

Aurons-nous à montrer à nos enfants des monuments de nos HÉROS NATIONAUX qui ont été outragés ?


Les photos ont été transmises par l’Ing.-Agr. Éric Auguste.

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Famous People In Haiti
Apr 15, 2006

(Angelina Jolie, Bradd Pitt, Wyclef Jean, Gracia Delva; Hotel Montana Envahi)

Orchid Exposition
Nov 10, 2006
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Archives Haiti Environmental Disaster (Edgy Content)
Apr 20, 2006

View pictures of the disaters in Gonaives & Mapou. View enclosure of "Presqu'ile" du Sud. Some pictures are graphic. Exercise good judgment when viewing.

Grand Opening"Caribbean United Multi Svcs Coorp"
Jun 21, 2008

Photos by Pikliz

Owned & operated by Pierre Richard Maximilien, Miami Florida.

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Haitian Dayana Mercier shines in California

Contact : Farah Larrieux
Lundi 6 Aout 2007 2169, Fax: 786-517-4815, email:thelaradvertising@yahoo.com



La petite Dayana-Hansia Mercier a remporté le samedi 4 Aout dernier la médaille d’argent dans la catégorie « Vocal-Gospel/Female-13 to 15 years old » au World Championships Performing Arts (WCOPA), un championnat artistique international qui s’est tenu du 28 Juillet au 5 Aout 2007 à Burbank, Califonie. Déjà à 13 ans, Dayana rentre dans le palmarès des artistes faisant honneur à Haïti en terre étrangère.

THELAR Advertising, Inc. se joint à sa mère Tamara Bélizaire pour remercier Carribbean Market S.A, Murielle Créations, KAV Académie de danse, CDP Marketing, Fokal, Dr. Guy Malary, le Maire de Carrefour Mr. Yvon Jerome, Valérie Numa, Fabienne Denis qui est le professeur de chant de Dayana, Jonathan Laurince, tous les membres de la presse, ainsi que les parents et amis qui ont su encadrer et supporter la petite Dayana.

THELAR Advertising, Inc. annonce déjà l’ouverture des inscriptions des auditions pour la 12eme édition de ce championnat auquel participeront plus de 52 pays. La date limite des inscriptions est fixée au 31 Septembre 2007. Pour de plus amples informations, visitez le site officiel de l’évènement www.wcopa.com Nous portons à votre attention que personne n’est autorisée à collecter des frais d’inscription au nom de l’agence. Les intéressés sont priés de nous écrire à thelaradvertising@yahoo.com afin de réclamer leur manuel d’inscription, ou composer le 305-892-2169 pour de plus amples informations.

Political Cartoons about Haiti's election.
Sep 3, 2010

Cartoons by Bousiko.

Adrien's Family Reunion in Montreal,Canada.
Jun 30, 2009

A Family reunion is ALWAYS a big affair. As the adage says "blood is thicker than water".
Since man ...more

y members of our family were going to be in Montreal, we took the opportunity to have a Family reunion. It was a touching and sweet reunion. We were so so happy to see some members of the family particularly the new generation. Naturally not the entire family was there and hopefully they will be able to attend next time. For the members who were not there we missed you very much. Please enjoy the pictures.

Bonne visite.

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Pigeons & Peacocks by Frankie Morone.
Jul 25, 2009

Narration by Frankie Morone.
Some pictures by Eddi and Cristina Gouraige.

Pigeons have been around for a very long time. They originated several million years ago in Asia.


Pigeons are found in almost all metropolitan areas. Pigeons have long been kept and raised in captivity. The common pigeon was imported to America by early settlers as food for animals and also to serve as carriers of messages.

At some points, pigeons were used for sending messages not only in ancient times, but as recently as early the 1900's and during World War I. A particular breed of pigeons called "homing pigeons" are specially suited for this task, because they possess the uncanny ability of flying back to their own home over long distance at high speed.

According to some studies, a homing pigeon is capable of returning to its home after flying over 1600 miles at peak speed of 60 miles per hour.

Exactly how such birds navigate is still not clear. Scientists hypothesize that the pigeon uses a variety sources like the direction of the sun, the earth’s magnetism, and odors associated with different places for finding its direction. Before the invention of telegraph, telephone and radio, using pigeons for sending messages was quite popular among the military. Such messaging system was known as "pigeon post".

I have always been fascinated by pigeons, particularly in the neighborhood where I grew up in Haiti. Every time I would go to my brother in law, I would spend hours contemplating them. His home was invaded by those creatures.

I am inviting you to browse to this album and enjoy those pictures. I have obtained some of them from various sites on the internet; some were sent to me by my good friend Edmond Gouraige and his wife Cristina. They both reside in Switzerland.

Thanks again for those pictures and my utmost regards to Cristina.

Haiti Chérie! Vote for the best picture by leaving a comment
Feb 11, 2007

Thank you For your participation

NB: Don't forget to leave the comment under the picture of your choice .

Jessica Hippolyte's Graduation From CORNELL University , N.Y
Jun 21, 2008

Photos by Francois Adrien @ Jefferson Valley, N.Y

Keep up the good work Jessica. We are proud of you.

With all my love, uncle Francois

Thamar Graduated from St. Thomas School of Law
May 16, 2009

Reception Party at the ranch

Exterior Decoration by Cynthia Verna

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