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Fundraising for Fondation la maison des enfants, Inc

photos by Pikliz.Com

Our purpose is to bring preschool education to underprivileged children in a country like Haiti, the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. Let us not be deaph to their cries for help, let us listen to them and respond to their needs. Together we all stand and together let us make it happen and give these forgotten children, a chance to live a childhood they will forever cherish.

Fondation La Maison Des Enfants is a non-profit ororganization founded by Sabrina Vitiello Izaguirre, in Miami Florida where it has been incorporated since February 28, 2011. Although established in the USA, the purpose of the foundation is to help the unprivileged and forgotten children of the beautiful Haiti by mainly focusing on children from 2-6 years old. When Sabrina describes te vision of the foundation, anyone who listens grasps the idea of an educator whose ego is to equip these children with the necessary tools for a better tomorrow. She is ready to open schools, cantinas, libraries and auditoriums to fully assist those children for a totally well balanced education head start.

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    Senator Zenny,Consul Latourtue, Senator De Lacruz