Haitian American Professionals Coalition Annual Fundraiser & Awards Gala
Dec 11, 2010

Photos by Jessie & Francois Adrien

Cultivating the spirit of community connectedness

HALO : Fifth Annual Cultural Night
May 22, 2010

Photos by Francois Adrien and Rachel Moscoso Denis

From Carl Fombrun

We had the pleasure of be ...more

ing guests , Dr. Florence Foucault and yours truly, at HALO’S FIFTH ANNUAL CULTURAL HAITIAN NIGHT at the luxurious JW MARRIOTT on Brickell avenue in the heart of Miami’s prestigious residential section.

HALO EXECUTIVE BOARD AND ASSOCIATES ought to be encouraged and congratulated for this beautiful event which was originally supposed to take place on Saturday, 16th of January 2010, and was cancelled due to the January 12th 2010’s earthquake which came close to destroy Haiti.

The program “History Of Haiti, Cultural Night” had as Mistress of Ceremony, Karen André, Esq., welcoming an assitance of hundreds of guests in the JW Marriott’s ballroom. Invocations were by Pastor Gabriel Demosthène and Father Réginald Jean-Mary. The presentation of “History of Haiti” was made by Grimo Mecca.

HALO and its members have continued in helping the wounded in Haiti and HALO is making the grade in Leadership, Scholarship and Community spirit. The African Cultural Show was arranged by Dance Creations and Sosyete Koukouy. Dr. Angelo Gousse’s message followed with a speech of hope and with the assistance of Secretary General Hérold Mérisier, MD, slides were shown of the actual involvement by HALO in helping our unfortunate Haitian population. A sumptuous dinner followed with Awards and Scholarships presentation by Gérard Philippeaux. Acknowledgement of sponsors followed by Bernard Eugêne, MSCM, MURP. Presentation of Executive and Gala Committees was made by HALO’S Treasurer Thédy Brezault with closing remarks by Secretary General Hérold Mérisier, MD. Musical entertainment was done by HALO’s contributor, well-known Michel Martelly aka Sweet Micky.

A grand evening was had by all!


wishes to present a special hommage to:





Jowee Omicil is a multi-instrumentalist composer/producer/educator. He is an alumni of the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston.

That evening at the HALO event at JW Marriott in Brickell, Miami, Jowee Omicil touched our hearts with two fabulous renditions of the Haitian and American national anthems.


Haitian American Lawyers Association of Illinois united to help Rebuild Haiti.
Mar 31, 2010

Photos by Francois Adrien from Pikliz.Com

A call to Action presented by Haitian American Lawyers ...more

Association of Illinois, Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity International Chicago Alumni Chapter and Haitian Congress to Fortify Haiti..

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