2009 Gala of the Haitian Alliance, Atlanta Georgia..
Dec 12, 2009

Photos by Francois & Jessie Adrien
All Rights Reserved.
The Haitian Alliance welcomes you to its 3rd annual "Gala for Giving " committed to make Haiti green and literate by 2030".

For more info please visit www.transformhaiti.com
Thank you for making our the 2009 Gala for Giving a celebration of the fulfillment of our promise to make Haiti Green and Literate by 2030. Please take a moment to receive our thanks and acknowledgement. Thank you for acting as one, and for creating the space where our vision for Haiti can emerge and thrive. We are grateful that the list of contributors below is long. Take a moment to read every name, and join us in thanking all of those who made the 2009 Gala for Giving possible.
The 2009 Gala for Giving Host Committee for the creativity and hard work that created and delivered a world-class event
1. Ambroise, Francis
2. Bertrand, Ronald
3. Bourget, Frantz
4. Chapman, Marvin
5. Clarke, Karen
6. Delice, Yorline
7. Dorce, Jodine
8. Dure, Gerard
9. Elie, Jeanine
10. Guilbaud, Maurice
11. Ibok, Riolene
12. Ishmael, Dennis
13. Jean, Yvrose
14. Kirton, Maggie
15. Lawrence-Clarke, Janice
16. Louizi, Gerda
17. Mathis, Gertha
18. Maxineau, Audy
19. Mompoint, Vladimir
20. Noel, Delbie
21. Nozile, Yolaine
22. Philantrope, Antonio
23. Placide, Gerard
24. Vernet, Lionel
25. Vernot, Loubert
The 2009 Gala for Giving Sponsors
1. Gold Sponsors
a. Carma Productions, Inc. – Presenting Sponsor
b. Barefoot Wine & Bubbly
c. Pikliz.com
d. Prestige Beer
e. Metals & Materials Engineers, LLC
f. Integrated Construction Management, Inc.
2. Silver Sponsors
a. VoxPay Talk
b. Future Movement Radio
c. Dr. Jean Philippe
3. Bronze Sponsors
a. A Culinary Affair
b. Beauty & Glory by Tarece
c. Parkway Dental
d. The Chapman Firm
e. Slicker Interactive Marketing
f. A Week in the Life of Haiti Cherie
g. Alternative Spring Break Haiti
h. E2E Insurance & Risk Management
i. Degramix Entertainment
j. Gwinnett Learning Center DUI
k. J.P. Bois Consulting
l. Dr. Deborah Little
m. Deva King Travel Queen
n. Promo Photo
o. Island Entertainment
p. Art Pavilions
q. Fungcap Arts
r. African Caribbean Television Network
s. t-Torin Photography
t. Radio Fenique Inter
· The 2009 Gala for Giving Event Day Assisting Team
1. Alex A. St. Urbain – Greeter/Usher
2. Charles Walley – Video Production
3. Emmanuel Thomas – Greeter/Usher
4. Fred Cotart – Disc Jockey
5. Genou Joseph – Usher/Raffle Ticket Queen
6. Martine Volcy – Registration Assistant
7. Rachel Bien-Aime – Registration Assistant
8. Robert Philizaire – Greeter/Usher
9. Yorline Delice – Registration Assistant
10. Yolande Dorneus – Registration Assistant
· The 2009 Gala for Giving Event Day Performers & Contributing Artists
1. Jodine Dorce, Mistress of Ceremonies
2. Nadine Patrice, Keynote Speaker
3. Jerome Edmonson, Speaker at the VIP Reception
4. Gerard Placide, Vocalist
5. Marlysa Brooks-Alt, Vocalist
6. John Richardson, Oganist/Pianist
7. Ginou Oriol & Friends, Jazz Singer & Performing Artist
8. Audy Maxineau, Classical Pianist for the VIP Reception
9. Fred Dejean, Saxophone Player for the Pre-function Cocktail Hour
10. Essud Fungcap, Artist
11. Jonas Allen, Artist
12. Barbara Kendall Reed, Artist
13. Joseph Chery, Artist
14. Devi McDonald, Artist
15. Marchet Sparks, Owner & Operator – Le Petit Marche
16. Fred Cotart, D. J. & Animator
17. Jacques Julmice, Photographer
· The 2009 Gala for Giving Banquet Guide Production Team who gave our sponsors visibility with style
1. Thomas Breeze, Slicker Interactive Marketing, Inc.
2. Heidi Reis, Carma Productions, Inc.
3. Kerri Flowers, Carma Productions, Inc.
4. Felica Hicks, Dabney Graphix
5. Marci Alt, Publisher
6. Thomas Ryan, Publisher
7. Marlysa Brooks-Alt, Publisher
· The 2009 Gala for Giving Media Partners
1. Francois Adrien, Pikliz.com
2. Pat Baccas, Future Movement Radio
3. Bruno Gaston, WRFG 89.3 FM
4. Jason Walker, WRFG 89.3 FM
5. Tenisio Seanima, WRFG 89.3 FM
6. Fenique Michel, Radio Fenique Inter – FM 92.9 SCA
7. Jacques Duplessi, Caribbean Focus TV
8. David Cruickshanks, for important connections to Promo Photo and others
9. Errol Ritchie, for introducing us to Pat Baccas & Future Movement Radio
· Friends & Partners who hold us accountable, and push us to the next level
1. Bernier Lauredent, The Haitian League
2. Katleen Felix, Fonkoze
3. Gabrielle Vincent, Sonje Ayiti
4. Jacques Laurent, for proposing a challenging 2010 agenda
5. Lorraine Fast, The Friendly Enemy
6. Joel Fast, The Friendly Enemy
7. Linda A. Dean, The Angelik Project
8. Peri Frances, Alliance Francaise D’Atlanta
9. Marvin Chapman, The Chapman Firm
10. Susan M. Gall, for keeping our feet on the ground
11. Mina Veazie, for being the first one to purchase her ticket for the 2009 Gala for Giving
12. Andrew McDill, Hosea Feed the Hungry
13. Elizabeth Omalami, Hosea Feed the Hungry
14. Mia Pean, LIRR Management Group
15. Lah Dahn, Our connection to the Haitian Youth
16. J.T. Arbuthnot, National Shoe Day
17. Mark Coughlin, St. Monica’s Mission to Haiti
Thank you,
Saurel Quettan
Public Relations Officer
The Haitian Alliance, Inc.
(404) 735-2519
Enjoy some pictures that were taken by Pikliz.

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Corenord Gala.
Nov 23, 2009

Corenod is a non profit organization working with the haitian community and friends of Haiti to improve the less fortunate people in the northern part of Haiti:

Fundraiser for Philippe Brutus @ "The Office"
Jun 27, 2009

Photos by Gerry Brière.

In 2000, Representative Phillip J. Brutus, an attorney who has been prac ...more

ticing law in Miami-Dade County for the past 23 years, became the first Caribbean-American to be elected to the Florida Legislature.

During his tenure, he served as the Vice-chairman of the Banking and Finance committee, the Judiciary committee and the Claims committee. He also served as Parliamentarian of the Conference of Black State Legislators. In 2001, he secured $2.3 millions for the construction of the first health clinic in Little Haiti. The clinic, located on 80th Terrace in Miami opened its doors in 2008.
In 2001, he successfully challenged a bill that would have made it illegal for undocumented aliens to work in the United States. Following several floor debates, negotiations with the Governor’s office and the Division of Motor Vehicles, the Legislature allowed him to amend the bill, which made it possible for people with cases pending before the Immigration Court or the Department of Homeland Security to have a two year driver’s license.

Every year, he has filed a bill that would remove from our State constitution the ban on Asians owning property in our State although conservative Republican speakers killed the bill every year. Two years ago, with a Cuban American Speaker at the helm, Rep. Ronald Brise was able to get the same bill passed. In 2006, Rep. Brutus introduced a bill that changed several streets in Northeast Miami-Dade County to the names of Haitian revolutionary heroes like Toussaint Louverture, Capois La Mort, Jean Jacques Dessalines, Alexandre Petion and Henry Christophe.

Prior to being elected Phillip J. Brutus took part in several activities that had a major impact on the Haitian community of South Florida. In 1990, he represented free of charge some three hundred fifty Haitians who were arrested while demonstrating at the 79th street shopping center against a Cuban shopkeeper who had beaten up a Haitian shopper. In 1992, he went on a 21 day hunger strike with the NAACP to protest the double standards applied to Cuban and Haitian entrants. That same year, he shut down his practice for two weeks to volunteer at the Guantanamo Naval base to assist several thousands Haitians who were seeking asylum in the US following the bloody military coup in their country.

In 1994, he was appointed by then President Bill Clinton to the steering committee for the summit of the Americas, which gathered heads of State form the Caribbean, Latin America and South America. In 1995, he was selected by the National Center for State Courts in cooperation with the American Bar Association and the US Department of Justice to participate in a series of legal reform seminars throughout Haiti. Rep. Brutus currently practices law in North Miami Beach, Florida. He is married and has 4 children.

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Philippe Brutus Fundraiser at "The Office" Club
Jun 26, 2009

Photos taken by Gerry Brierre

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A Gala for a Cause.
Jun 13, 2009

Photos by Francois Adrien

A fashion, design and music event at the Ritz-Carlton with the purpose ...more

of raising funds to support the various social charity programs under the auspices of the Office of the First Lady of the Dominican Republic, Dr. Margarita Cedeño de Fernández.

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The Haitian Lawyers Association Gala
Feb 7, 2009

Photos by Francois Adrien.