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♪♫ Mario Nelson Jr.'s Graduation Celebration. ♫♪♫

♫♪ Photos: Francois & Jessie Adrien, Josiane Adrien Hippolyte and Frankie Morone.♫♪
♫♪ Narration: Frankie Morone

After several days of torrential rain, the weather cleared just in time for a perfect day to celebrate this milestone. Guests began arriving at the Nelson residence as early as 2:00 in the afternoon, with some coming to help put the last touch, while some enjoyed each others company. The ambiance, the conviviality and atmosphere were unimaginable and unheard of. An array of delicious hors d'oeuvres, consisting of mini bagels, assorted rolls and cheeses, diced fresh fruits were on display on a table in the kitchen. A beautifully and artistically carved ice was also part of the decoration.

Just a few feet from the deck, Mario and Chou had a young bartender who seemingly had an objective of getting everyone very happy and tipsy, 'cause he was so generous with the drinks. Meanwhile, a group of five talented musicians were entertaining the guests with different popular songs of our lovely island of Haiti.

Around 5:00 in the afternoon, a young priest, perched on the deck, began addressing the guests. He then blessed the food. Immediately, the amiable and affable Luce Lilavoix, flanked by Chou, Mario Sr, Mario Jr and a few other friends, delivered a speech so candid that I immediately felt it should be part of this narration. Bravo! My utmost congratulations Luce. You touched so many of us. I must add that she received a standing ovation. Here it is in it's entirety:

" Good afternoon everyone,

It is an honor for me to be here to celebrate this joyous occasion and to congratulate Mario Jr. on his accomplishments.

I take the liberty of referring " Ti Mario" as Mario Jr. As you can see, there is nothing small about Mario Jr. As a matter of fact everything about him is so big, not physically but also what he has achieved.

Mario Jr, these next few years will be interesting for you, as you find your place in the world. Now is the time to kick back and relax. Now is the time for bold decisions, to exert your creative energies and make a name for yourself.

Let this great achievement be a testament to your parents who are the key players in shaping you to be the man you are today and to making this day come to fruition.

Your father, Mario Sr. who is a live example of great success, has set the bar very high and you have not let him down. Your mom Chou, who has devoted herself in making sure that on a daily basis, you were equipped with the tools and resources necessary to succeed.

We congratulate them as well for a job well done!!

Mario Jr. you are completing a wonderful journey and we are so proud of you. Reach for the stars and you will find your dream.

On behalf of everyone here, I wish you the best of fortune as you move on to your next challenge in the university of life.

Thank you. "

Then, it was Mario Jr.'s turn to thank all for coming and celebrate this joyous occasion and invited them to proceed to the beautifully arranged tables in the yard and enjoy the food.

I hope you will enjoy the pictures. On behalf of the entire staff of pikliz.com, I wish Mario Jr. all the best. May all your endeavors come true. As usual, comments are welcome.

Frankie Morone.

  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    5 years 8 months ago
    ♪♫ Mario Nelson Jr.'s Graduation Celebration. ♫♪♫
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    5 years 9 months ago
    ♪♫ Mario Nelson Jr.'s Graduation Celebration. ♫♪♫
    Congrats Mario Jr and Mario Sr.