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FONKOZE Haiti Solidarity Reunion.

Photos by Emmanuel Ardouin & Francois Adrien
Hosted by Mr & Mrs Francois Adrien, Miami

Welcome to Fonkoze

Fonkoze is Haiti’s Alternative Bank for the Organized Poor. We are the largest micro-finance institution offering a full range of financial services to the rural-based poor in Haiti. Fonkoze is committed to the economic and social improvement of the people and communities of Haiti and to the reduction of poverty in the country.

Our Mission
Fonkoze is a Haitian foundation that supports the organized poor, providing them with essential banking services

Our Mission

Fonkoze is Haiti’s alternative bank for the organized poor. In fact, it is a family of three institutions working together shoulder-to-shoulder towards a single compelling mission: building the economic foundations for democracy in Haiti by providing the rural poor with the tools they need to lift themselves out of poverty. This mission is reflected in our name, Fonkoze, which is an acronym for the Haitian Creole phrase “Fondasyon Kole Zepòl” meaning “Shoulder-to-Shoulder Foundation.”

Our Principles
SOLIDARITY: The Haitian proverb, "When all the fireflies shine the way for one another, we will succeed at developing the country," illuminates this principle.
PRIORITY TO WOMEN: The liberation of women is the liberation of the family. "When the women dish out the food, everyone eats," according to another popular Haitian proverb.
PRIORITY TO RURAL: With Fonkoze, there are no outsiders -- every one is inside.
CREDIT IS NOT ENOUGH: For our clients to become empowered, Fonkoze marries credit with training, advice, social programs, and follow-up.
ADVANTAGE: In Fonkoze, everything we offer must be to the client's advantage.
WE GROW AS OUR CLIENTS GROW: We learn from our clients so that we can better satisfy their needs.
PARTICIPATION: Let's everyone participate so we can overcome suffering.
TRANSPARENCY: In Fonkoze, all cards are on the table, nothing is concealed.
SUSTAINABILITY: Fonkoze is a business that functions for the benefit of the poor, but it's a business all the same.
MOTIVATION OF OUR INVESTORS: Our investors are motivated by the social and economic progress of our clients.
LANGUAGE OF FONKOZE: Creole is the official language of Fonkoze. All activities are carried out using Creole.

To know more about Fonkoze please visit their website : http://www.fonkoze.org

Approximately 50 people were present at Mr and Mrs Francois Adrien back yard to participate in the presentation of the FONKOZE. Please enjoy the pictures.

  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    9 years 9 months ago
    Mr Francois Adrien Fonkoze USA Board Member opened the presentation
    Great speech, François, CEO of pikliz! You could not have said it better. Best wishes to pikliz and to Fonkoze.