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Explosion at Casa Campestre with Reginald Policard, Part 1
Aug 22, 2009

Photos by : Francois Adrien and Paul Leger.

No words can express such a wonderful and special evening.

(c) Gil Laraque/Pikliz Productions
Explosion @ Casa Campestre with Reginald Policard.Part 2
Aug 22, 2009

Photos by: Gil Laraque/IPG LLC

The Magic Night at Casa Campestre
Aug 2, 2009

Photos by Manny Ardouin, Francois Adrien, Michel Vieux

By Max Zamor


Pikliz.com and Casa Campestre in Pembroke Pines once again served quite an attractive fare in the entertainment department last Saturday. First it seems that the audience is getting more attractive by leaps and bounds and this corner of Haitian hangout is becoming the favorite for music aficionados.

I double checked the ad announcing the entertainers and the time for the show: Somehow I did not get the note saying the whole thing will be one hour late. It didn't matter because while waiting I sat at the bar and slowly sipped a perfectly mixed "Mojito". That gave me the ideal perch to survey the idyllic seat for my auditory and visual delight.

As the room started to fill up, I could tell this was going to be a different evening: The audience was a little more mature than I'm used to seeing at Casa Campestre, but it was an elegant and attractive audience nonetheless. That was encouraging as the main attraction was the very young Nohemie Joanis. (More on her later). It did not take long for all to settle in anticipation of the advertised show.

A pleasant surprise was served in the poet of Jesler Mesidor who was the ultimate performer and host. The crowd at Casa Campestre was captured by his recital of poetry in French and Creole. No need for theatrics here: The words were flowing like water falling off a cliff. Effortlessly Mr. Mesidor had the audience captivated by the respect he showed in his performance. His show quieted the usually loud and unforgiving crowd. He brought the house down with an imitation of former President Jean Bertrand Aristide. One could sense his self assurance because the audience was laughing from his quips; sounding like the former President in tone was not bad either.

Mr. Mesidor was the perfect appetizer to serve this evening of fun and laugh.

Next on stage was the magician Fritzner Paul who bills himself as the magician for the children: I beg to differ from this characterization as before the show started, Mr. Paul roamed the tables and entertained the patrons with cards and money tricks that only a skilled magician can. For a skeptic like yours truly, I admit to have been dumbfounded by the quickness of his fingers. Then he took the stage to make an amalgam of animals appear and poof! They were gone. It's amazing how grownups can get mesmerized by a magician's tricks geared toward children. But when the entertainment is there, who cares. I found myself actually having a good time. Before we knew it, there were pigeons flapping their wings and rabbits curling their bleach white furs on the stage. There were two, three, four and more.

Mr. Paul was turning the tricks faster than we could keep track: Glitter was spilling out of his mouth. With the assistance of an audience member he was making objects appear and disappear. My favorite was the one where he blew bubbles and caught them as solid balls bouncing off the tiled floor. How did he do that? I'm not a magician or smart enough to guess if he tricked the audience or not, but we were totally entertained.

The evening took on a different texture when the young and beautiful Nohemie Joanis took the stage and sang a multitude of Haitian standards. We expected a lot from this up and coming talent. She did not fail to deliver. I especially enjoyed her rendition of Yoyo which every member of the audience was lip synching along. This young artist took command and demonstrated her range which was quite plentiful.

Her stage presence was evident so was her inexperience as she was obviously nervous in front of a friendly, yet relatively small crowd. She was backed up by a trio of capable musicians; however the sound quality could have been a little better. No need to splash blame here. Ms. Joanis would serve herself better in the future by insisting that a qualified sound technician takes care of this aspect of her performance. She was not helped when the bass and keyboard were drowning her voice. One can understand that Casa Campesre is a fine restaurant that is doing something wonderful by providing great entertainment in this corner of South Florida. However, the artists also have a responsibility to provide better sound for the audience to enjoy. When bad sound is mixed with the ever present rude customers who talk and laugh loudly during a performance, it only spoils an otherwise pleasant show for everyone else.

Back to Ms Joanis. She is obviously beautiful and should do well in the future. She has a good voice which holds much promise. She performs her songs not only from her voice but from her whole being. It is a sacred gift and a requirement when a singer is the embodiment of the song being sung: It draws the audience into the performance and keeps them there, entertained.

Ms. Joanis has a natural magnet and great stage presence. I can only say that she is young and has much to learn in order to profit from these assets. I hope her support is strong and consistent.

This evening was a presentation of www.pikliz.com which never fails to deliver great evenings of entertainment. I know there are many more young gifted Haitians out there. This not the first time that Casa Campestre and Pikliz.com have banded together to showcase them and give an outlet to these young Haitians to display their talent for all of us to enjoy. For too long, Haitian audiences have been shortchanged of good, clean entertainment. We know the talent is out there. If they keep performing, we should keep coming and lend our full support.

The Magic Night at Casa Campestre (Vol 2)
Aug 2, 2009

Photos by Gilbert Laraque.

Art Show in NY by Pikliz.com & 1804live.com
Jul 11, 2009

Narration by Frankie Morone.

Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when yo ...more

u do (Edgar Degas). In other words: la critique est aisée, l' art est difficile.

So many things can be said about art but I will refrain from saying much.

Since the beginning of time, men has always been fascinated by art. Sculptures, cave paintings, rock paintings dating for more than 40000 years have been found.

How do we define ART: to me, it is the process of deliberately arranging certain elements(medium) in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions of people. That is why some people prefer an artist to another and would be willing to pay a certain price for a painting whereas someone else would not buy that particular painting.

Art provide a means to express one's imagination in a way that is not tied to the formality of language.That is why each artist is different from another one. Each one creates his or her art his or her own way depending how he or she views the world; therefore, art can convey a specific emotion or mood so to speak.

Art is often intended to appeal and connect with human emotions. Depending on the degree and the level of skills of the artist, that can affect his or her ability to trigger that emotional response from someone.

"Artists are independent and sometimes humorous people who make the most complicated things simple. they can see, hear and feel where others are blind, deaf and insensitive."

On Saturday July 11, 2009, Pikliz and 1804live.com had a grand premiere art show. 37 paintings from several artists were on display. We had a great turn out. More than 50 people (collectors, critics and other artists) attended this event at the beautiful back yard of the Coriolan's. Wines, cheeses, assorted hors d' œuvres and beautiful background music made it an unforgettable mid summer evening. The pictures are living proof. We invite to tour the album and see for yourself. For those who did not make it, you surely missed a wonderful evening.

Pikliz and 1804live.com would like to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to make a comment, and enjoy the visit.

Yanick Etienne at Casa Campestre, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.
Jul 11, 2009

Photos by Manny Ardouin.

Yanick Etienne is no stranger to the Haitian music scene. The vocalist s ...more

tarted her carreer, in 1979.

Her singing style combines jazz, soul and Caribbean flavors to make a completely unique sound: her own.

Yanick was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and came to the U.S. with her family in 1970

She's from a very artistic family. Two of her brothers are musicians (Weston & Félix) and, her younger sister is a dancer. Her husband is the known Arranger Dernst Emile. D'Mile, the older son is an accomplished arranger who travels the United States extensively.

She toured in 1988/89 World Tour. She also joined the Roxy Music world tour of 2001 in New York and remained with the group until the end of the North American leg. Yanick also appeared at some European performances and can be ssen at the final show on the Live At The Apollo DVD.

We were fortunate to have her in South Florida. You'll see why. Let the pictures do the talking. ENJOY.

Andre Fouad CD Release Party @ Casa Campestre.
Jun 6, 2009

Photos by Francois Adrien & Manny Ardouin
Narration Poto mitan & Manny Ardouin.

Une fois de plus ...more

, l' Association Pikliz.Com & Le p'tit Club ont fait le plein. Les fervents du sud de la Floride répondirent a l'appel pour la grande sortie du nouveau CD du poête André Fouad, né le 2 mai à Port-au-Prince.

André Fouad a fait ses études primaires à l'école République du Libéria (Frères du Sacré Coeur,1978-1985) et ses études secondaires au Collège Canado haïtien (1985-1992). Il a étudié tour à tour la comptabilité, le journalisme et la communication. Il a travaillé au journal le Nouvelliste, Récréation Magazine et la Télévision Nationale d’Haïti à titre de présentateur/rédacteur à la section culturelle.

André Fouad est l'auteur de 4 recueils de poèmes: GERBE D’ESPÉRANCE en 1992, EN QUÊTE DE LUMIÈRE (1992), BRI LAN NWIT (2000) et ETENSÈL MO'M YO (2006).

Ses poèmes figurent dans plusieurs anthologies dont: l'Anthologie de la Littérature Haïtienne, un siècle de poésie (1901-2001), qui a reçu le prix Ouessant 2005 pour le 6ème Salon du Livre Insulaire à Paris (France). Il a reçu un AWARD OF RECOGNITION de la part du maire de la ville de Miami, Alex Penelas, dans le cadre du Mois de l'Héritage Culturel Haïtien en mai 2004.

Il a été choisi comme Artiste de la Saison par l'Alliance Française de Miami dans son agenda pour l'année 2005. Il a aussi décroché le 2ème prix dans le cadre d'un concours de poèmes organisé par le journal franco haïtien Haïti Tribune (France ) en janvier 2006. En mai 2007, il a été choisi comme Poète de l'Année pour la 7ème édition du Mois de l'Héritage Culturel Haïtien à Miami, comme poète, diseur et animateur culturel.

Pour agrémenter la soirée, le diseur et chanteur Pantaléon Guilbaud prêta main forte. Déner Séide (Guitariste) & Donnie Félix ( Bassiste) firent de même ainsi que Mme Giliane Théodore dans deux poêmes chaudement applaudis.

Tout suite après le tandem Fouad & Erol Josué, pour cloturer la soirée, Jimmy Cadet peintre, fit appel a toute une nouvelle génération de mannequins haitiens pour un défilé de bon gout.

FONKOZE Haiti Solidarity Reunion.
May 17, 2009

Photos by Emmanuel Ardouin & Francois Adrien
Hosted by Mr & Mrs Francois Adrien, Miami

Welcome to Fonkoze


Fonkoze is Haiti’s Alternative Bank for the Organized Poor. We are the largest micro-finance institution offering a full range of financial services to the rural-based poor in Haiti. Fonkoze is committed to the economic and social improvement of the people and communities of Haiti and to the reduction of poverty in the country.

Our Mission
Fonkoze is a Haitian foundation that supports the organized poor, providing them with essential banking services

Our Mission

Fonkoze is Haiti’s alternative bank for the organized poor. In fact, it is a family of three institutions working together shoulder-to-shoulder towards a single compelling mission: building the economic foundations for democracy in Haiti by providing the rural poor with the tools they need to lift themselves out of poverty. This mission is reflected in our name, Fonkoze, which is an acronym for the Haitian Creole phrase “Fondasyon Kole Zepòl” meaning “Shoulder-to-Shoulder Foundation.”

Our Principles
SOLIDARITY: The Haitian proverb, "When all the fireflies shine the way for one another, we will succeed at developing the country," illuminates this principle.
PRIORITY TO WOMEN: The liberation of women is the liberation of the family. "When the women dish out the food, everyone eats," according to another popular Haitian proverb.
PRIORITY TO RURAL: With Fonkoze, there are no outsiders -- every one is inside.
CREDIT IS NOT ENOUGH: For our clients to become empowered, Fonkoze marries credit with training, advice, social programs, and follow-up.
ADVANTAGE: In Fonkoze, everything we offer must be to the client's advantage.
WE GROW AS OUR CLIENTS GROW: We learn from our clients so that we can better satisfy their needs.
PARTICIPATION: Let's everyone participate so we can overcome suffering.
TRANSPARENCY: In Fonkoze, all cards are on the table, nothing is concealed.
SUSTAINABILITY: Fonkoze is a business that functions for the benefit of the poor, but it's a business all the same.
MOTIVATION OF OUR INVESTORS: Our investors are motivated by the social and economic progress of our clients.
LANGUAGE OF FONKOZE: Creole is the official language of Fonkoze. All activities are carried out using Creole.

To know more about Fonkoze please visit their website : http://www.fonkoze.org

Approximately 50 people were present at Mr and Mrs Francois Adrien back yard to participate in the presentation of the FONKOZE. Please enjoy the pictures.

Jesler Mesidor CD Release Party @ Casa Campestre.
May 2, 2009

Photos by Francois & Jessie Adrien

It's a Jungle out there! 2009 Miami Carnival
Sep 13, 2009

Photos by Manny Ardouin, Francois & Jessie Adrien.

All participants were in the jungle on sunday.


After years of dueling festivals, Miami-Dade and Broward Carnival organizers have joined forces this year and will celebrate 25 years of Miami Carnival sunday, october 11th, 2009.

TiChapo is proud to present our 2009 costumes. "It's a jungle out there" is our theme and we do have 5 different costumes. To participate and be part of the haitian float you need to wear a coustume. The costumes representing the jungle are gorgeous and at an affordable price. All participants met at the pikliz Headquarter last sunday to choose their costume and their measurements to be taken. We had a ball ! . If you want to participate and be part of the solution, it's not too late. Ti Chapo and Pikliz.Com invite you to register by calling : Tichapo 954-536-9407 or Pikliz.Com 786-426-4688

Le't be proud to be Haitian and let's try to be the winner of the contest.
Please.... Please..... Please,,,,,, make the effort and register. Besides that you will have a lot of fun on October 11 . Enjoy the pictures

White Party Extravaganza @ Casa Campestre.
Apr 4, 2009

Photos by Francois Adrien, Paul Leger, Emmanuel Ardouin

We at Ambyans Lakay (Francois Adrien of P ...more

ikliz.com and Jimmy Moise of Le Petit Club), along with the artists who performed Saturday would like to thank you all for your attendance Saturday night at the All White Extravaganza.

The artists are thankful to the audience and to the owners of Casa Campestre for their support and their well wishes. We all will continue to strive to bring you the best of our talent and the very best of our artistic, cultural souls. Yes indeed a heart-felt thank you to all who attended The all white party this past Saturday's event at Casa Campestre, April 4th, in Pembroke Pines, Florida. The night was buzzed with culture, multi-lingual poetry and jazz took center stage. For those who were unable to attend, stay tuned as we continue to bring you events of high caliber and culture in the very near future.

A heartfelt thank you to Francois and Jimmy for opening their doors and stage to us, the artists, and providing the upscale ambiance where our talents could be displayed. The restaurant was alive and buzzing as a shockingly large crowd of diverse patrons attended a cultural plethora of performance art. Standing room only capacity was evident as Underscore, Kristo, Jonathan Laurince, took our audience on an excursion and cultural adventure.

The event began with a warm welcome address by the multi faceted poet Makendal and the elegant Farah Larrieux. The event began with poet/painter Kristo, as he tantalized the audience's years with two original French poems. He was immediately followed by the dynamic and diverse spoken word poet/playwright Berwick "Underscore" Augustin. He dazzled the crowd with a touch of culture from a Christ centered spiritual perspective. Underscore is the founder of Island Faith Production Inc, a company that ministers to the masses through cultural projects such as theatre, spoken word poetry, music and other art forms. He has produced four spoken word CDs and a stage play, Libere Liberis on DVD. Island Faith Production Inc is also the proud parent of Diaspoart, a new line of signature Haitian Creole and English greeting cards full of cultural sentiments while still presenting the gospel of Christ. Check out www.islandfaith.com for your greeting cards, especially with mother's day around the corner. The company looks forward to a future that will fuse pieces of the arts, spirituality and multiculturalism into well-blended productions for the international community.

Marlene Villain reinforced Underscore's poems with a personal testimony of how God saved her life as she encouraged everyone to seek a personal relationship with her Savior. Soon after, the 2007 Haitian American Gospel Music's "Best Male GospelArtist of The Year,"

Jonathan Laurince blew winds of a potential legend into his trumpet. He was accompanied by piano player, Bouillon to form a forceful duo that infused Jazz and culture in every musical note.

Eventually Makendal got into the act and join the musicians on an impromptu masterpiece of a poem entitled "She". The thunderous applauses of the night vibrated the walls of Casa Campestre as the audience showed their appreciation for such an elegant and uplifting night. Finally Makandal and Farah Larrieux thanked Francois Adrien of Pikliz Productions and Jimmy Moise of Le P'ti Club for the standing room only event. Many thanks to all who continue to support these endeavors, those who came for the first time and will bring a friend next month and a thank you in advance for those who will come because they'd rather enjoy the live experience instead of reading about it!

Piklilz.Com and Lep'ti Club would like to thank everyone for their support to such a beautiful event. All of you were dressed to impress.

We would also excuse ourselves to those who couldn't get in because the place had reached its capacity. First come first serve!!!

Seats are limited. Next time please come early . Enjoy some pictures


Francois Adrien (http://www.pikliz.com)
Jimmy Moise (Le Petit Club)
Underscore- http://www.islandfaith.com Jonathan Laurince- www.jonathanlaurince.com
Kristo- www.kristoart.com
Makendal- www.maroonsmovement.com
Farah Larrieux: THELAR Advertising, Inc Tel: 305-892-2169 Fax: 786-517-4815 Casa Campestre

Détente Culturelle: Jesler Mesidor CD Release party.
Mar 21, 2009

Photos by Francois Adrien.

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International Women's day Celebration @ Casa Campestre.
Mar 7, 2009

Le p'ti Club & Pikliz Productions Event.

Photos by Francois Adrien, Manny Ardouin & Paul Léger

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The 2009 Master Dji Award Event.
Feb 7, 2009

Photos by Francois Adrien and Manny Ardouin

"More than an Artist, It took a Master's Touch"

Th ...more

e first half of the eighties in Haiti was peculiarly characterized by a cataclysm of unprecedented voices and talents both national and international that was widely and hastily spread throughout the radio station in Haiti; subsequently, these cherished virtuosi infiltrated in almost every facets of the Haitian society. On the national level, the Island was being seduced by the charming voice of the multi talented Ansy Derose, the singular voice of Leon Dimanche, the tropical Christmas lyrics of Lionel Bejamin. It was during this flourishing season that the names and music of Boulot Valcourt, Herold Christophe, Joel Theodore, Ti Corn, and Carole Demesmin claimed their authenticity and catered to a broader and more sophisticated audience. These artists had the obligation to meet the expectations of a very reserve audience that was fixated on the traditional French love ballads and intellectually savvy lyrics of Michel Sardou, Charles Aznavour, Georges Mustaki, Frederic Mey, Nana Mouskouri, Mireille Mathieu, Claude Barzotti, and Jean Ferat, to name a few. Radio hosts throughout the capital did not and would not risk flirting with any unorthodox genre of music that would drift the attention of their conservative/demanding audience elsewhere.

It was during that time of artistic and cultural intolerance this odd genius; a mutt virtuoso would erect out of nowhere and pioneer a movement that would later be called "the Creole hip-hop movement". Yes, I'm talking about the Father of the Creole Hip Hop movement, George Lys Herard (AKA) Master Dji. Breaking through the walls of the caprices, the social prejudices and schemas of that time was only the tip of the iceberg for Master Dji. Many in Haiti held a scornful view of this genre of music because of the unorthodox attributes of the hip hop culture, especially its fashion and the way of life of those who embraced it. Not only did Master Dji impose this new resented genre on the Haitian society, but he also had to struggle with the public in order for them to be more tolerant of Creole hip hop. It is consequently with all due respect that he is called and remained the Father of the Creole hip hop movement.

Master Dji didn't only carve his name in the cultural anal of the country as a rapper, but he also carried many different hats. Next to Ralph Boncy and Raphael Fequiere, he was one of the visionaries of the Tap Tap magazine. He later became a collaborator for RFI (Radio France Internationale), the CJFM of Japon, Radio Africa and Radio Nova. He was only sixteen years old when he debuted as a radio show host on radio Port Au Prince. He hosted and co hosted many radio shows in his homeland such as "Rap Nation, Tropical Jungle" on tropic FM with Nancy Rock and Frederic Surpris (Tambour Frappes, Haitien Campes, 2001).
He knew just how to grab the youth attention at the time and delivered his message. He was a profound lyricist who didn't spare the corrupted régimes of his country his whip. The youth upheld him in high esteem. Many of his events were packed with thousands of people. He is one the first artist whose music has crossed over, especially in Europe and Africa. Although the Haitian market was not favorable toward this style of music, he vigorously and intellectually wrestled with the polluted mentality of the time and released the following albums: Master Dji, Politik Pam, Haiti Rap' N Ragga, Match La Red, and Maximum Respect (Wikipedia, 11/08).
The Father of Creole Hip Hop passed away on May 21, 1994; nine days prior to his 33rd birthday, but his death didn't silence his voice. His music continues to echo in many places in the world, his legacy remains untarnished, and his accomplishments unprecedented. Master Dji epidemises tenacity, courage and hope for his entire generation.

"More than an Artist, It took a Master's Touch"

Jesler Mezidor
For Pikliz.com

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