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Haitian American Movie Release: " LIFE OUTSIDE OF PEARL".

Photos by Manny Ardouin & Francois Adrien

Pikliz is happy to premiere these shots of: "Life outside of Pearl". The movie, featuring notable Haitian actor Jimmy Jean-Louis (Heroes, Phat Girlz, and Tears of the Sun) depicts a classic plot where lies and deceptions collide to unravel lives and unearth family secrets.

Life Outside of Pearl is the story of a Haitian-American family adapting to life in the U.S. while trying to maintain their cultural identity. Through individual vignettes, we become familiar with the characters. The family patriarch jack (Rudolph Moise) is a proud man. He drives a cab in the bustling city to provide for his family. With a loving wife and two children he has high expectations. But, things turn sour, when son Jean (Freddie Robinson Jr.) postpones college to pursue other interests. His involvement in illegal activities brings shame and heartache to the family. Mother Ivette, played by prominent Haitian actress, singer, Carole Demesmin, tries to keep the family together as best she can, even turning a blind eye to her husband's infidelity. Young daughter Natalie, played by Natacha Noel, is caught in the middle, striving to impress her father by doing the right thing. Her budding romance is overshadowed by Jean's troubles. The movie climaxes to a tragic end, when caught breaking the law, Jean, is shot by none other than family relative and cousin Marco. Will the family survive the turmoil and hardship?

This movie is sure to change the view of our community, says writer, producer, director Uscla "Johnny" Desarmes, who calls this production a labor of love. It has taken five years and more than half-a-million dollars for this production to make it to the big screen. Shot entirely in 35mm, realizing this movie is a dream come true for Desarmes. He expresses great pride in being able to contribute positively to the Haitian community and its growing industry of young and talented film entrepreneurs

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