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Press conference @ the Haitian Neighborhood Center, Miami.

Photos by Francois Adrien.

Her excellency Michele D. Pierre-Louis the Prime Minister of Haiti, is in Miami to address business leaders, community members, and seek support for Haiti who is currently bracing itself to survive another hurricane season after devastating loses last year.There was several reporters such as Pierre N. Beauliere from 1700 AM, Wilfrid Pressa 1610 AM, Anis Blemur 1700 AM, Nick Laurence and Richardson Anicette from Imagine Art Media and of course Francois Adrien from Pikliz.com. It was an informal room and the Prime Minister took questions from the press.Raymond Joseph was also there.Enjoy some pictures of the press conference held at SANTLA on June 18th,2009.

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    Leonie Hermantin, elle n'a pas changee.C'est bien de revoir une de mes condisciples de l'Externat la providence, Bon travail ! Leonie.