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Golden Jubilee Celebration Conferral Of Papal Honors

Photos by Rachel Moscoso Denis

Tuesday, Oct. 7 at 6:30 p.m., The Archidiocese of Miami- wich was established Oct. 7, 1958- Archbishop John C. Favarola joined his brother bishops and clergy in the celebration of a solemn Mass of Thanksgiving at St Mary Cathedral.

At this trilingual Mass, bestowed papal honors upon 48 individuals. The conferral of papal honors has only been celebrated five times in the history of the Archidiocese of Miami: the last time was in the year 2000.

The four types of papal honors are: 1 ). The Order of St. Gregory the Grest, bestowed uponlaity, wich includes the various ranks of Knight and Dame and is awarded to outstanding individuals whom the Holy Father wishes to acknowledge for their service to the Catholic Church; 2). The Equestrian Order of St. Sylvester, bestowed upon Catholic laity who by their example in business, the professions, the military, and society have lived examplary lives. This is first time this honor was predented to members of the Archdiocese of Miami. 3). The Papal Cross Pro-Ecclesia et Pontifice, bestowed on laity, religious or priests, for their outstanding service to the Church and Pontiff; 4). The Papal Medal Benemerenti, bestowed by the pope for exceptional accomplishment and service to the community. Three out of the 13 recipients of this medal are nonCatholics, members of the ecumenical and interfaith community.

These Pontifical Honors were conferred at the Cathedral of Saint Mary, located 7525 NW Second Avenue in Miami.

Pontifical Honors
Archidioces of Miami Golden Jubilee Year

Pontifical Order of Saint Gregory The Great

The following Catholic men and Women have been admitted in the civil classes of the Pontifical Order of Saint Gregory the Great. They have made outstanding contributions to the Archdioces of Miami by working closely with the Archbishop, his representatives, or their local pastor. They have exhibited a willingness to accept the unique responsibilities wich come with the proper rank within this Pontifical Equestrian Order.

Promotion to Knight Commander with Star of Saint Gregory the Great
Mr Michael Bienes

Promotion to Dame Commander of Saint Gregory the Great
Mrs Dianne Bienes

Promotion to Knight Commander of Saint Gregory the Great
--------------------------------------------------------------------Mr Joseph Amaturo

Dames of Saint Gregory the Great
Mrs Winifred Amaturo
Mrs Jeannette F. Hausler
Mrs Angela McClain

Knights of Saint Gregory the Great
Dr Jose J. Centurion, M.D.
Dr Rodolfo J. Cepero, M.D.
Mr. John Johnson
Dr, Rudolph Moise, M.D.
Mr Rodger D. Shay
Mtr. Thomas Shaughnessy
Mr. Gregory T Swienton

Pontifical Order od Saint Sylvester

The following Catholics from the Archdiocese of Miami have been admitted in the specified civil classes to the Pontifical Order of Saint Sylvester. These individuals have demonstrated an active faith and use their Professional and artistic skills to promote the work of the Church. Included among those nominated are member of local police forces. Until now, none of the faithful from the Archdiocese of Miami had been members of the Order of Saint Sylvester. This new participation in the Order of Saint Sylvester is occasioned by the Golden Jubilee of the establishment of the Archdiocese of Miami.

Dames of Saint Sylvester
Dr Ana Pando
Mrs. Jo-Ann Tabry

Knights of Saint Sylvester
Chief Fred Maas
Lieutenant Pasco Santangelo
Mr. John Tighe

Papal Cross Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice

The following Catholic men and women from the Archdiocese of Miami have been granted the Papal Cross Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice. They have demonstrated great zeal for their Catholic faith for the works of the Church. They also have exhibited obedience to the teachings of the church and devotion to the Roman Pontiff. The proper superior of those nominees who are members of religious Institutes have granted their nihil obstat to these honors.

Sister Hilda Alonso, D.C.
Mr. Jorge Bosch
Mrs. Vivian Decker
Ms. Alba Diaz
Sister Kathleen Donnelly, O.P.
Mr. Richard Esposito
Mrs. Delia Berta Gonzalez
Father Thomas Griffin, S.J.
Brother Kevin Handibode, F.M.S.
Mr. Fred E. Masseus
Sister John Norton, O.P.
Mr. Philip Peterson
Mrs. Barbara Rietberg
Ms. Alicia Saint Jean
Dr. Julio Torres, M.D.
Dr. Marjorie Wessel, Ph.D.
Mr. Rogelio Zelada

Papal Cross Benemerenti

The following Catholic and non-Catholic men and women residing in the Arcdiocese of Miami have been granted the Papal Cross Benemerenti due to their outstanding contributionto the work of the Church and society. They have each collaborated with the Archbishop of Miami in promoting the common good among the people of South Florida.

Ms. Ginette Eugene Achille.
Rev. Martin Anorga
Mr, Thomas Comerford
Mr Pedro Glaria
Ms. Cathy Kwok
Dr. Carlota Morales, Ph.D.
Ms. Gina Eugene Mary
Mrs. Elizabeth Plater-Zybrek
Rev. Dr. Antonio Ramos.
Rabbi Solomon Schiff
Mr. Anthony Segreto
Mrs Joan Stout
Ms Sally Wolfer

Official guests:

Bishop Gerald M. Barbarito (Diocese of Palm Beach)
Bishop Thomas G. Wenski ( Diocese of Orlando)
Bishop Frank J. Dewane( Diocese of Venice)
Bishop Pierre Antonio Paulo, O.M.I.( Diocese of Port de Paix)
Bishop Domingo Oropesa ( Diocese of Cienfuegos, Cuba)
Archbishop Pedro Meurice ( Archbishop of Santiago, Cuba)
Bishop Lorenzo Leon (Bishop Emeritus of Huacho, Peru)
Bishop Hector Pena (Bishop Emeritus of Holguin, Cuba)
Bishop John J. Snyder (Bishop Emeritus of Saint Augustine)
Exarch Gabriel Ghanoum (Melkite Eparchy of Newton)
Chorbishop Michael G. Thomas(Maronite Eparchy of Saint Maron in Brooklyn)
Very Reverend Kendrick J. Forbes, J.V.(Arcdiocese of Nassau)

Ceremony will start in a few minutes.
Ceremony will start in a few minutes…
Official Guests.
Official Guests.
Official guests.
Official guests.
Cathedral of Saint Mary located at 7225 NW Second Avenue.
Cathedral of Saint Mary located at 7…
Ceremony just started.
Ceremony just started.
Ceremony just started.
Ceremony just started.
Dr Rudolph Moise -Center
Dr Rudolph Moise -Center
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Dr Rudolph Moise.
Dr Rudolph Moise.
Isabelle Duncan and her daughters.-(second row).
Isabelle Duncan and her daughters.-(…
Isabelle and daughters and Moise family.
Isabelle and daughters and Moise fam…
Dr Rudolph Moise.
Dr Rudolph Moise.
Bishops and Archbishops at the beginning of the Ceremony.
Bishops and Archbishops at the begin…
Bishops and Archbishops.
Bishops and Archbishops.
Bishops and Archbishops.
Bishops and Archbishops.