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Mushy Widmaier @ Van Dyke Cafe

Photos by Francois Adrien & Gerry Briere
Narration By Frankie Morone.

Mushy Widmaier is an outstanding "modern jazz" pianist, one with a certain undertone of both Haitian folklore and European music. He is capable of performing with any group. He has a large repertoire, whether jazz, Haitian folk songs, popular dance music or compas.

Mushy's playing can be distinguished by a low bass left hand, in which he tends to raise it slightly above the keyboard for a soft landing on the keys therefore creating unique sound (du jamais vu). His right hand is recognizable for a detached "solo" that no one can describe. This produces a unique sort of music that leaves the listener amazed.( On reste avec la bouche bée).

He surrounded himself with so many talented musicians.One can say that the entire band is composed of "genie".All of them are masters ( ils sont tous MAITRES)in their own way. No wonder that their music is so appealing to those who love jazz with a touch of " couleur locale". There was this kind of "marriage" between the band and the public never seen before. Pikliz takes pride into putting these pictures for your enjoyment. View them. Don't be surprise if while you are looking at them you find yourself enjoying the music with the sound turned off.(Vraiment). Mushy likes to hear from you, there is no doubt about that. He confided this to me, seriously. He would be very pleased to read a comment from you.
What a beautiful performance from Mushy. The variety of hi " repertoire " was outstanding. Congratulations Mushy.

  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    9 years 11 months ago
    Mushy Widmayer.
    Two weeks ago I attended the Nemours Jn Baptiste hommage at the prestigious Lincoln Center and I went home amazed and greatly impressed by the Zecle performance. I wonder if you are related to Herby Widmayer. As a pianist/keyboardist I recognize talent. Mushy, you have replaced Richard Duroseau who was key to the Compa's success! Bravo Mushy.By the way, I love your drummer/singer.