New Year 2006 Gala, Natasha's Taste, PNP @ Elk's, Miami
Dec 30, 2006

Photos by Manny Ardouin

Haitian - Jazz Festival @ Bongos Miami
Jul 2, 2006

Photos by Rachel Moscoso Denis, Francois Adrien, Emmanuel Ardouin. Additional thanks to Christian N ...more

icolas (Kristo) & Pasha Brandt for sharing their pictures!
Approximately 1,200 people were present at the Haitian-Jazz Fest which was a success . Congratulations to Papa Jube and Stu Grant

Anacaona @ Jackie Gleason Theather
May 27, 2006

Photos by Francois Adrien & Rachel Moscoso.
Pikliz Productions would like to congratulate Art's Spa ...more

ce Productions in collaboration with Haitian Television Network of America for such a great show. We also are proud of the " Compagnie de Danse Regine Mont-Rosier Trouillot with the collaboration of Miami City Ballet and Ballet Teatro Nacional de Puerto Rico
As an Haitian American I was very proud of my native country where professionalism , and a well organized event will change the figure of Haiti.

Yolly Roberson Honors Anacaona Group
May 25, 2006

Photos by Manny Ardouin & Rachel Moscoso Denis

Florida Congresswoman honored prestigious Ballet C ...more

ompany and its presenters’ for its dedication to Haitian art and culture followed by a small gathering @ le P'tit Resto

The French Consulate Celebrated the Haitian Heritage Cultural Month in Miami
May 20, 2006

Photos by Francois Adrien & Rachel Moscoso Denis

June Fest @ Vizcaya
Jun 17, 2006

Photos by Francois Adrien & Rachel M. Denis
As evidenced by these pictures, the Haitian community o ...more

f Miami is determined to lead in most cultural gatherings. Wish you could be here! Enjoy, and comment.

An evening of live Jazz & Tropical Pop Music @ Sheba Restaurant
Jul 8, 2006

Photos by Rachel Moscoso Denis
Exotic Night at Sheba’s

The distant sound of acoustic guitars inv ...more

aded the sidewalk; as we stepped into the small vestibule of Sheba’s, we were submerged by the unequivocal musical trademark of none other than our talented Jacky Ambroise and his group Strings.

It was a night of flamenco tropical, spiced with Haitian flavor, during which even the most bashful found themselves swaying to this stirring rhythm; such, so well mastered by Jacky and his colleagues, in a style second to none.

After setting the crowd ablaze for nearly two hours, it was time to give way to a more subtle, yet equally vibrant sound. Indeed, the moment had arrived to yield the limelight to Mushy Widmaier, who would bring us a delightful hour of jazz. Teamed with his brother, Joel, the pair knew no limits: melody after melody they revived our most dormant musical senses. With the interpretation of a few selections from his latest CD “My Love”, Mushy virtually led some of us to a jazz euphoria, hard to put into words…undoubtedly scrumptious, to say the least!

Determined to end the soirée with a bang, Strings once more took the stage and enchanted us with its music. With a mixture of joy and nostalgia, a former member of the original group, Philippe Augustin, joined them on the podium; this, to many, brought back tremendous reminiscences. Through his base guitar, he spouted profusely harmonic responses to the distinctive notes of Jacky’s own, ultimately making this event “a night to remember”.

Alas, as all good things must come to an end, thus came time to say farewell…to Jacky, Mushy, Joel, and their support group…to our friends and acquaintances…until granted the privilege to meet again for another exciting night!

Yele Haiti celebrating its 3rd. Anniversary @ Jacmel
Dec 1, 2006

Photos by Rachel Moscoso Denis

Connecting Culture, the Arts, Youth & Development
YéleFest brought together young Haitian filmmakers, artists, musicians and

actors—joined by compatriots from Canada and the United States—to work
alongside representatives of non-governmental organizations, volunteer groups,
development agencies and donor governments. Together they will explore ways
to use culture and the arts to create new models for achieving sustainable
development. Wyclef Jean, founder and leader of Yéle Haiti, is convening
YéleFest and will also give his first public concert in Haiti in eight years.
YéleFest will be held in conjunction with another event taking place at the same
time and in the same location:
Festival Film Jakmèl is one of the country’s premiere cultural events, now
partnering with the Miami and Toronto International Film Festivals. Leading
names in international cinema including Dreamworks, HBO, Lions Gate and
Sony lend award-winning films that attract thousands of enthusiastic viewers
daily. Films screen non-stop in packed theaters, while renowned film directors
and talent are present to meet the press and public.

La Galerie des Presidents Haitiens
May 19, 2006

Photos by Manny Ardouin & Rachel Moscoso Denis
"The Galerie of the Presidents of Haiti is a gift to ...more

the young people of my country, and more specially to my children". (Claire Renée Coles)
Claire Renée provides us with an impressive "fresco" of a complete gallery of the heads of State who ruled over Quisqueya. The portraits are intense, the work fascinating. Enjoy this pictorial display!

@ Cassagnol Design Showroom. Celebrating our Haitian Heritage & Culture
May 19, 2006

Photos by Francois Adrien & Rachel Moscoso Denis
Congratulations to Lorraine Silvera,Laurent Sassin ...more

e and Ralph Cassagnol for such a great evening.We Haitians should be all proud of our culture. Please enjoy the pictures

Yele's Haiti 3rd Anniversary White Party @ La Jacmélienne
Nov 30, 2006

Photos by Rachel Moscoso Denis

Bass Museum/ Edouard Duval Carrie Exposition
May 18, 2006

Photos by Rachel Moscoso Denis

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2006 Haitian Cultural Heritage Month @ The Ranch
May 13, 2006

Photos by : Francois Adrien
An incredible night at the Ranch. For all of you who missed the party try to be there next year. Enjoy the pictures

Mundo Vibe & 7th Circuit Productions Present Haitian Cultural Month @ Little Haiti
May 6, 2006

Photos by Francois Adrien
Mundo Vibe and 7th Circuit Productions present Haitian Cultural Month in ...more

Little Haiti :” SAN MELE “ Festival of light and color at KULCHAMIX 228 NE 59TH Street . Will perform : Rara Lakay – Erico Schultz World Band – Kazak International + Jean Sebon

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Culture Festival 2006 @ Battery Park , New York.
Oct 14, 2006

Photos by François Adrien

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Luck Mervil, Emeline Michel & Toto Laraque Spectacle in Florida
Mar 25, 2006

Photos by Manny Ardouin, Francois Adrien & Rachel Moscoso Denis

Luck est né a Port-au-Prince (H ...more

aiti). A 4 ans il laisse definitivement son pays natal et grandit au Québec.Il s'intéresse très tôt au chant, d'abord dans le cadre d'offices religieux où il fait partie de diverses chorales.À l'adolescence, il s'intéresse davantage à la musique pop mais surtout au reggae.C'est ainsi qu'il en vient à fonder, avec des musiciens qui partagent ses affinités musicales, le groupe RudeLuck au début des années quatre-vingt-dix.

Déjà fortement impliqué dans sa communauté, le chanteur se sent particulièrement concerné par la situation de ses compatriotes au moment où le pays est ravagé par l'ouragan Jeanne, en septembre 2004. En plus de sa participation active à l'acheminement de secours, il partage les profits de la vente de la chanson "Ti peyi a", le CD simple précédant l'album du même titre, aux deux organismes Centre canadien d'étude et de développement international (CECI) et Médecins du Monde Canada.
Pikliz.com a rencontré le Samedi 25 Mars 2006 en Floride Mr Luck Mervil accompagné de musiciens comme Toto Laraque, Emeline Michel, son jeune frère Pierre. Pikliz.com etait representé par Rachelle Moscoso Denis, Manny Ardouin, Francois Adrien.
Amusez vous bien en regardant les photos

Anacaona Press Conference
Mar 1, 2006

Photos by Rachel Moscoso Denis

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