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Nu Look & Carimi, Valentine Celebration

Photos Courtoisie Veronica de La Croix.

Just a day after the lover's holiday, Boston welcome the nominee for 2008 wildest party CARIMI and the most sold album and concert tickets of 2008 NU LOOK.

CARIMI started the party at 9 pm they performed marvelously all their songs and delivered their Carnaval of 2009 title (zandolit)where the drummer came to the front to show the crowd how to dance like a lizard (zandolit) after the 2009 carnaval they perform the 2008 until it was time for NU LOOK to get on Stage.

While NU-LOOK was setting up the stage I had the oportuninity to as Richard Cave three questions and this is what he answered below: Veronica- hi Richard, happy new year to you. Richard-hi veronica once again it's a pleasure, happy valentine's day although it’s a day later Veronica-thanks same to you, Richard the party you gave Boston in 2008 was selected as the wildest party of the year 08, tell me what can Boston expect from CARIMI in 2009? Richard- well will be working in a new album for this year, it might come out as late as December but it' ll be out this year. Veronica- well, I' ll look forward to that, Richard this party was changed address in the last minute what do you think about the outcome of the crowd? Richard- I think we did very well considering the circumstance of the sudden change of location. Veronica-I triple that is CARIMI ready for next week’s Carnaval in HAITI ? Richard- oh yeah and I predict CARIMI will be # 1 Veronica-I wish your band the best of luck, thank you Richard for your time and answers. Richard- thanks, bye.

NU_LOOK continued the party the first song was very short and Gazman one of the lead singers of the band shouted Boston the deal went wrong” meaning Boston bagay la gate or it didn't go down as plan. Then he and his crowd started chanting oh Jesus the load is heavy meaning jezi o chay la lou and throughout the night every now and then he will say something out of contest because of the bad press that's been surrounding NU_LOOK since October 18th 2008 from the incident in which most of the band members were stranded in the Canadian border which resulted the band to start later than they usually did was already a problem the band was working hard to amend. six weeks later on November 26th the band comeback to Boston, as promised from the previous time they started @ 8 pm and Boston was satisfied, the title of me review for that night was Boston fans still love NU_LOOK but was changed because my boss too didn' t believe the band deserve such title. Between then and last night the media took their big bite one by one to bring down the band, first they blame the other lead singer; Arly Larivierre for taking deposit from two promoters, the singer went to KOMPA MAGAZINE and explained that he could not be responsible for the wrong doing of the band booking managers, when the media heard it, they took another route and proclaimed Boston is divided with NU_LOOK, every one will boycott the band if they dare to show up in Boston again. For a minute the media thought there were ahead of the game, the group was suppose to come under IT INTERTAINEMENT but came under Bazile entertainment, the location was suppose to be the Boston art center in downtown where the parking was 4 blocks from the ball room, and the fans would have to pay for it, in the meanwhile Zin was schedule to perform at the Sheraton Tara hotel in Braintree which was very accessible with on site unlimited free parking, when Bazile put two and two together he suddenly changed the party location one week prior to Quincy's gulf club in quarry hills with on site free parking and a magnificent ball room and gorgeous settings from the entrance to the ball room. The media got on Bazile entertainment for the inconsistent he was bringing in the Haitian music industry and predict nothing but mediocrity on last night. The fans wanted to show the media that only what they think matters, it's their money that pays their entry to the parties, not the media's and they will say when and how their bond with their favorite band will break but last night was out of the question. The party went super every one had a good time and there was no fight. Door was open as schedule and prices went up to 40 dollars at the door unadvertised Congratulation to Bazile entertainment, CARIMI for their loving performance that kept the crowd rocking to the last second and NU_LOOK for the unforgettable ending. I approach singer Arly Larivierre for Questions:
Veronica-hi, happy New Year and happy valentine's, what do you think the media was speculating a boycott against your band? Arly-well, veronica if you don’t mind let’s just judge the presence of the crowd for that question Veronica -very well, Arly your band was selected as the most sold ticket and album of 2008, what will NU_LOOK have for the fans for this year 09? Arly- a surprise Veronica-NU_LOOK came out with a xarnaval for the first time why? Arly- we heard we didn’t have a carnaval in our album because we couldn’t do it so I guess we show it. Veronica- Arly I had left 6 messages to request an interview without response, can you tell me why? Arly- not at this time but I promise Haitian music industry and exclusive next time Veronica- good I look forward to it, thank you Arly- thank you.
If that review do not display the way I write it, this will be my last.

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