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"KRAZY" in Boston

Photos & Review by Veronica de la Croix
All rights reserved.

KRAZY @ Large in Boston, 03/14/09.

Unexpectedly the news of the star band known as “Krazy” came to the Boston media on Thursday march 12, about two days before the ball. The confirmation tickets were purchased on 3/13/09 and the media couldn’t wait to see how KALIKO INTERTAINMENT was going to pull it off. On Saturday the band landed in Boston. For some unknown reasons the ball didn’t start until 11:15 but when it did the fans were on their feet until the end. For a sudden party the band as a whole seemed to have the entire night well planed out; it started with their original hit from 11:15 to 11:50, then the crowd had the honor to hear (se pou mari jozi) it’s for Marie-Josie from none other than our legendary late artist koupe kloure. At 12:30, they performed: I see you winning up in the floor by the A.M.I artist Acon which was followed by another piece from his album, afterward MICA had the fans crossing their hands above their heads as a sign of our sweet home; Haiti’s dilemmas to let go only after repeating after him; lage’l (let it go or leave it alone) it was my favorite part of the night. At 1:20 MICA introduced Serge the gong player to the fans, they switch stand as MICA played the gong and Serge sang on of Kdans hit piece” a tout franchise” and it was sensational. At 1:30 just when we thought we had seen it all, it was show time on stage, first the newest member Donald from Nu_Look reignited the sparks with his guitar, followed by an over the top same tease by each member of the band where the drummer won all the hearts. At 1:40 another English performance by MICA titled; Hotel California by the eagles ( kalifoni otel) and at 1:50; we had another pleasure of hearing “miyan miyan” ( smoothing/ smoothing) by koupe kloure again and I just have to add; the only way you wouldn’t think koupe was in the ball room; was if you looked at the stage, above all the song’s originality was not missing which brought the party to it’s end. But the fans demanded a carnaval piece from the #1 winner of 08 carnaval just 2 minutes on the clock before the end and like KRAZY it was granted, for the last two minutes the remaining fans danced Krazy one last time and this was how the party finally ended. This was the first time I have seen so many media covering an event, maybe it’s because without the bands entertainments every aspect of any show is quietly limited, maybe it’s because DJAKOUT couldn’t make it last time they were schedule to perform in Boston, which makes the last ball we had here in Boston was on 2/15/09 by: CARIMI & NU_LOOK. But Boston was long for last night indeed; we had Tele Image with Mario Archer on the camera, Tele Diaspora with Reggie from Reggie Dee production on the camera, an online company who had the event live, and of course me as a correspondent writer for www.pikliz.com so MICA was very busy afterwards between the fans who had to get their pictures taken with the star and the media who were being impatient for their turns where some were even being shady instead of waiting. Regardless, at the end the party who started a bit shaky had turned to a great party filled with entertaining fun to keep the fans anticipating for the next occasion to go KRAZY@ large.

I interviewed MICA after the show, and here’s what he said:

-Veronica- hi Michael, is there any more Boston in your agenda for 2009?

-MICA: well I don’t know if I really get the question, but as long as I’m asked I will come.

-Veronica: good Boston will definitely love to see more of you, are you aware that party ends at 2 am and it’s essential the bands be on stage as the door open?

-Mica: well the moment I was told to take the stage I did, next time I will definitely get on stage when the doors are open, so that the fans won’t have to wait on me.

-Veronica: well as promised I won’t hold you long and thank you for answering my questions.

-Mica: It was my pleasure.

Support Haitian artist=supporting Haiti.

By: Veronica de la Croix.

All rights reserved.

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    Serge I am happy to see you doing what you like best. Much success with the group.