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Edouard Duval Carie in New-York

Photos & Narration by Rachel Moscoso Denis
Book Launch, Continental Shifts, The Art of Edouard Duval-Carie

NEW YORK - On a beautiful and cool evening on March 27th, 2008, the well-known Haitian artist, Edouard Duval-Carrie launched the publication of his new book, “Continental Shifts.” That wonderful event took place at New York University's Maison Française located on Washington Mews, University Place in Manhattan, New York. This particular chef-d’œuvre of Edouard Duval-Carrie was edited by Dr. Edward J. Sullivan, Dean of Humanities and Art Historian from the New York University.

Edouard talked about the "Vodou religion" as well as its saints from Africa and Haiti. Also he underlined how this religion is reflected in his paintings.

Further, an interesting power point show displayed Edouard’s painting collections with the story or meaning behind each piece. The public responded positively to the presentation as the artist answered to its questions with grace and humor. It was a wonderful evening that enabled people of different backgrounds to learn certain aspects of the Haitian culture and on the same breath, satisfy their curiosity on subjects pertaining to the Vodou religion.

The event to promote Edouard’s latest book was crowned with the presence of several personalities and dignitaries, namely: Francine Goldenhar, Director of “La Maison Francaise;” Clayton C. Kirking, Chief Art Information Resources at The New York Public Library; Mireille Chancy-Gonzalez, President of Haitian Cultural Art Alliance; Dr. Charles Fombrun; Patricia Cruz, Executive Director of Harlem Stage; Monique Duval and daughter Nathalie Rey( Edouard's aunt and cousin); Dr. Fabienne Laraque of the Department of Health for The City of NY and her husband ,Alice Blanchet; Linda Mellon from “FOKAL”; Taina Glaude from the United Nations; Andrea Couture, Vice President of Near East Foundation; Ingegerd Nissen Petersen; Mr. and Mrs. Andre Juste, Haitian Artist; Yolaine Milfort from Haitian Consulate in New York; Yolaine Legrand, Haitian Artist; Dr. Aglae Charlot,Myriam Nader, Haitian Art Curator; Gina Cheron and Harry Fouche from the Consortium for Haitian Empowerment; Anthony Cherubin, CEO of Fineness Design & Publishing; Rev.Daniel Ulysse; Ginette Beauvais; Fred and Beety Kern; Evelyne Coradin, and many more.

Note: The book is currently on sale.

Contact: Rachel Moscoso Denis

Email: racheldenis54@aol.com or visit www.edouard-duval-carrie.com

Cell: 786-290-9718
The Haitian Times

MANHATTAN — More than 100 students, art lovers filled the New York University on March 28 to witness the historical conversation with Edouard Duval-Carrié and Edward J. Sullivan, dean of humanities at NYU.

Organized by Rachel Moscoso Denis, "Continental Shifts" featured all of Duval-Carrié's artwork plunged attendees once again in historical and beautiful Haiti.

"In my work, you will see how I viewed my country," Duval-Carrié said. "Art is something I love deeply. To know where you come from leaves a great impression."

His artwork "talks a lot about the slave rebellion that took place in Haiti," said Stephanie Jean-Phillips, a junior at NYU Michael Dash, french professor at NYU, and Sarah Lewis, an art historian from Yale University, participated in the event.
— Haitian Times news wires

  • Frankie Morone (Private)
    11 years 2 months ago
    Mimi, Rachel and Edouard.
    Congratulations for a job well done. I must admit that your album is flawless: the concept, the quality of the pictures, the way you arranged them and the narration.
    Concerning Edouard Duval Carrie's works, I honestly believe they are great. The incorporation of " Voodoo " in his art is simply awesome. Whether or not we like it " Voodoo " plays an important role in our culture and we should be proud of it. Amazingly when I was doing my humanities, one of my assignments was to paint " Veveres" for a play ours classmates was putting together. So I relate to that, so to speak. I sincerely wish him well and much success in the sale of his book. Would you by any chance know what medium he uses?