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Tortug'Air Inaugural Flight From Miami To Cap Haitian

The Tortug'Air inaugural flight was smooth and was a pleasant experience. The flight attendants were very polite and they made our 1hour and thirty minutes flight from Fort Lauderdale to Cap-Haitian a very pleasant one.
On behalf of Pikliz.com I would like to thank Tortug'Air for the invitation and I am taking this opportunity to congratulate the PDG Mr Olivier Jean for opening Tortug'air up to the international market. Good luck Mr Jean !!!!!

We have had an amazing trip! Mont Joli Hotel where we stayed one night was a class of its own. We all loved Mont Joli Hotel !!!! Everything was outstandingā€¦..& it contributed to our experience of a lifetime!!! The food was tasty and local. The service from the staff was superb and they made us feel great. Nicolas Bussenius executive director and owner of the hotel, Linda Schutt business development manager were very professional and went beyond our expectations. They drove us all afternoon around to Sans souci , residence of king Christophe, visited the manufacturer of " kassav ". At night a very nice cocktail hour was waiting for us at Cormier plage where we have spent at least one hour. Cormier is a little paradise. Our evening ended by visiting the " Restaurant Dansant " Lakay " where the food was amazingly presented. Lakay is a must see if you have a chance to go to Cap Haitian.

  • ABOU (Private)
    4 years 11 months ago
    Thxs Pikliz for this reportage....We are planning right now  a trip  for "LE GRAND NORD '.....
    • Pikliz.com Premium user United States (Private)
      4 years 11 months ago
      Great Guys. have a wonderful trip . Enjoy