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Sainte Rose de Lima.

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Welcome to Sainte Rose de Lima (Ecole Lalue). Photos brought to you Courtesy of Marlène Jean Louis, Photo Courtoisie Judith Chandler Zaslavsky, Kathia Jiha, Monette Jn. Louis, Babette Coriolan, Johanne Smoorenburg, Pascale Adrien Guilliod & Ecole Lalue.


Philo, 2000

Identification by Fedorah Sylvain

1st Row L>R: Kristy Abouzeide, Rachel Bertrand

2nd Row L>R: Joelle Prophete, Christine Elie, Marinella Richard, Melissa Qualo, Pascal Auguste, Jenny Dorcena, Audrey Guerrier, Sindy Archer, Fedorah Sylvain, Ilka Bijoux.

3rd Row L>R: Maureen Leonard, Vanessa Meronee, Josiane Blanc, Jessica Charles, Pegguy Luly,Patricia Pean, Soraya St. Albin

4th Row L>R:Jenny Noel, Stephanie Augustin, Gaelle Belot, Frankmay Louissaint, Stephanie Desir, Regine Robert, Michelle Valerie Gauthier, Anne-Marie Desormeaux, Melissa Carnie, Lory Malebranche, Stephanie Laraque, Cybel Blanchard, Bethyna Merores, Fabiola Jerome, Salima Montes, Claudine Franck Simon (back), Ingrid Charles, Karine Salomon.

5th Row L>R: Stepahnei Cherenfant, Sybil Thebaud, Regine Joint, Joanne St. Juste, Stephanie Landrin, Laurence Noisette,Ludmilla Floreska, Fabienne Louis,Cynthia Jn.-Louis, Patricia Cesar, Martine Dorsainvil.

Uploaded: February 22, 2006
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  • Fedorah (Private)
    10 years 7 months ago
    We were at Lory malebranche's house that is where Mr Archer took our graduation pictures and we decided to wear something white that day but it has nothing to do with the school. We also used that picture for our year book. I will try to send you the picture with the uniform. Philo 2000 philennium