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Cours Privés Roger Anglade (CPRA).

Prepared & Maintained by Emmanuel Ardouin; eardouin@hotmail.com

Photos brought to you Courtesy of: Photo Courtoisie O. Ludmilla Joseph, Mary Mirville, Paul Jean, Marthynot Louis, Marie Roumain Fouché, Jean Claude Montes, Caryl Duplan, Marie André Etienne, Caleb Brutus, Jean-Mary Lormil, Eric Saint Albin, Mme. Marlene Lormil, Richard Hilaire, F. Bernard, Benjamin Martineau, Sandra Anglade, Carolle Marie Muller, Frankie Morone, Ginette Lilavois Orphé, Marlène Maignan Armand, Patrick Ledan, Edouard Francoeur, Frantz Jn-Baptiste & Pierre R Gousse.

Cours Privés Roger Anglade was one among the best private schools in Port - au - Prince, in the 60's and early 70's . Of courses Petit Séminaire & St Louis de Gonzague were in a class by themselves. On the second row, one could include schools such as College St Pierre , Centre d' études secondaires, Geoges Marc, College Classique, College Bird etc etc.. Anglade had many great professors such as Roger Gaillard (litterature française), Menant Pierre - Louis (latin), Fritz Pierre Louis (physics), Remy Zamor (histoire d' Haiti), Mr.Joachim Etienne (english) , Laurent (histoire d' Haiti), and Roger Anglade himself.etc. etc just to name a few. Roger Anglade was an excellent professor and was a graduate of the prestigious School Sorbonne. He held a Masters in Physics althought he taught chemistry . I still can remember him smoking (he was a chain smoker) on the blackboard balancing his reactions. He was a down to earth man and loved what he was doing: teaching. He had a great dream : to have a school that would compete with Seminaire & St. Louis de Gonzague. He also had a great sense of humor. I am sure that anyone who attended this wonderful school is very proud .

Frankie Morone.

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