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Exhibit: La Mangeaille@Moca

Photos by F. Adrien, Manny Ardouin, Rachel Moscoso Denis

Artist of the Year : Sophia Lacroix
The event was sponsored by: Veuve Cliquot Champagne & Cola Couronne.

Discovering the taste of Haiti.

What is about Haitian food that makes it so universally appealing that we are celebrating, this year, the taste of Haiti?

Haitian cuisine is a wonderful mix of West African and French culinary traditions. It's Caribbean food with haiti's magical touch. A well balanced combinationof hot and spicy flavors, the aroma of fragrant herbs and oils. It is a repository of Haiti's history of adaptatation as it combines old world recipes, to new world food and spices.Haitian cuisine includes national staples such as roast goat (Kabrit), fried pork (griot), jerked beef (tassot), Chicken Creole, diri Djondjon (rice with wild mushrooms) as well as regional delicacies. It is the bastion of traditionalist who seek to preserve it as a national treasure and the new frontier of young culinary experts poised to create modern delicacies rooted our rich traditions.

As you participate in the 7th annual celebration of the Haitian cultural Heritage Month, you will sample a" Taste of Haiti" and you will join the ever growing numbers of patrons, enjoying Haitian fares at the numerous Haitian restaurants located throughout Miami-Dade County. Get your taste buds ready....

But one word of caution, Pikliz is not Haitian sauerkraut...Bon Appetit!

Emeline Alexis

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