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Welcome to Saut d'eau with Pikliz.Com

(c) Photos by Francois & Jessie Adrien

Saut-d'Eau - one of the most spectacular waterfall.

Saut-d'Eau is located in the central plateau department on the beautiful Island of Haiti. The name Saut-d'Eau comes from two French words: "saut" which means fall and "eau" which means water. The town is named after its spectacular and majestic waterfall "Le Saut". Saut d'Eau has a lot of streams and sources which make it fresh, green and very fertile. Among the streams are: la Therme, famous for its thermal water, la Riviere-Canote, and Sapotille. Everywhere you turn in Saut-d'Eau there is water. The scenic view of the natural waterfall and the surrounding mountains is formidable. Saut-d'Eau is a beautiful place to visit all year round for its natural beauty.

Saut-d'Eau is also the home of Haiti's most celebrated patron saint, Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Vierge Miracle) which is celebrated annually on July 16th. Saut-d'Eau is said to be the most important pilgrimage site in Haiti. Thousands of Pilgrims from Haiti and other parts of the world travel to Saut d'Eau for the Annual Feast and to participate in the festivities. There are pilgrims who come in pursuit of spiritual happiness or in search of a miracle through the intercession of Vierge Miracle. For many, the journey to Saut-d'Eau has a personal significance because of unexpected spiritual experiences that have occurred in their lives. These people return to Saut d'Eau again and again and spend their day in the sanctuary of the Church of our Lady of Mount Carmel to pray, worship, and reflect on their personal lives. Good food, drinks and music are all part of the ambiance. Otherwise, life in Saut-d'Eau is quiet and serene.

However, Saut-d'Eau is too often misunderstood and we are here to set the record straight by creating this website to keep the world community informed about what is going on in Saut-d'Eau and to polish the image of this beautiful place.

Contrary to what you may have heard Saut-d'Eau is not a place dedicated to voodoo. It is instead a religious town, placed under the protection of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, ever since the Virgin Mary appeared on a palm tree in the palm grove in the early 20th Century. As a matter of fact, there are many Roman Catholic priests and nuns, from various congregations, who were born and raised in Saut d'Eau.

People come from all over Haiti to Saut-d'Eau to participate in the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Certainly there are also those who believe in voodoo who come to practice what they believe in. They wear multiple color clothes and scarves, they walk and dance in the streets day and night and do all sorts of undesirable things, but these people never enter the church and leave the morning of July 16. The feast of our Lady of Mont Carmel is a religious catholic event and the main attraction is the sanctuary of the church of our Lady of Mont Carmel, where masses are offered daily and a novena is held from July 7 to July 15 culminated with a solemn mass. The RC Bishop of the diocese of Hinche is usually the main celebrant, assisted by dozens of priests and attended by government officials and thousands of pilgrims from all over Haiti and the world.

How to get to Saut d'Eau

The best way to get to Saut d'Eau is by car via Route National #3, heading to Croix-des-Bouquet. As you climb up the steep Morne Cabrit, look on the right side and enjoy the beautiful view of the Lake Azuei. Continuing North, to the town of Mirebalais. Saut d'Eau is to the west of Mirebalais.

Where to Stay in Saut-d'Eau

Saut-d'Eau is a big camping site in July, when thousands of pilgrims come for the feast of Vierge Miracle and the summer street festival. Visitors put up tents anywhere they can find an empty spot. They stay in St. Jean, the Palm Grove and in front of the Church of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Local guesthouses can also provide a home away from home or you can enjoy the comfort of local hotels that can accommodate very few. If you reserve early enough, you would probably get a room at the Hotel Villa Marie Robenson & Georges, conveniently located in the downtown area.

Find a home away from home and enjoy the comfort of guest houses -- for more information contact sautdeau@sautdeauinfo.com.

Enjoy some pictures taken by Francois & Jessie Adrien from pikliz.com

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