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Haiti 2013

Photos by Gerry Brierre.

Hi to everyone...This was my first time returning to Haiti after 2 years and to see the positive changes that I have taken place since and I was truly amazed as well as fascinated. I had the opportunity to visit most of PAP from Karibe Hotel, Cercle Bellevue after the rebuilding, Kenscoff, Obleon, Grenier, Turgeau (my old neighborhood) and Moulin sur Mer hotel.
I also had the chance to attend Tabou/Tropicana as well as Jazz night at Backyard celebrating Dadou's birthday.
The country is definitely moving in the right direction based on my pictures. Is there more work to be done...absolutely.
Haiti...I will return again
Gerry Brierre
August 17 to August 26

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    5 years 1 month ago
    Haiti 2013 - -6069
    What part of Haiti?
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    5 years 2 months ago
    Haiti 2013 -6352
    Very nice shot Gerry
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      5 years 2 months ago
      Thank you